Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. We made our modest beginning in 2010. As we walked through the vineyard on the serene side of Napa County near the Silverado Trail, we smelt a rich earthy flavor that felt absolutely spiritual. The decision to reap full flavored Cabernet Sauvignon and the classy Merlot in that unadulterated soil was made almost instantaneously.

As we began to put more thought to our heart-felt decision, we saw merit in using Conn Creek water for making our wines delectable, smooth and irresistibly exquisite. We knew we were not ready to begin serving until we found a name that reflected the tempering influences of California’s climate and soil. As the connoisseurs know and tell, a wine borrows its personality only from its geographical situate. Born on the California State Route 128, a 56 mile trail connecting the Central Valley to the Mendocino Coast through the wine country of California, we naturally named our wines,’128’.

What started as a dream has grown to become a popular brand. So, what next? We are all set to serve more and more generous flavours that overwhelm the palate. Join us in our journey.



128 Meritage

Soak yourself in luxury with this world’s most highly rated wine variety, the Red Meritage. A profuse fusion of 2 Bordeaux varieties, this Meritage boasts a deep ruby color with rich aromas of dark cherry, plum, and scraped vanilla bean. Wine lovers find it more enticing due to hints of raspberry, chocolate, and blackberry that linger on the palate and draw them into a well balanced smooth orbit. Exuding finesse and elegance, this admirable drink reflects perfect harmony and integration of acids with the tannins. Pair it with BBQ tri-tip, blue cheese, plums or a dark chocolate torte and experience a refined taste reserved for the privileged few.

128 Merlot

One of the most widely grown wine varieties, a Merlot needs eye of a bee holder to distinguish the fine produce from the mass assortments. 128 Merlot ripens early and carries a well rounded structure with soft tannins that leave a crisp taste on the palate. Recognized by its deep scarlet color, this light wine emits cedar, tobacco, and dark cherry aromas. The delightful appeal of Merlot finishes with notes of black currant, allspice, and dark chocolate. As it falls in the middle of the wine spectrum you can match it to many food accompaniments. Spaghetti, meatballs, Chinese style crispy duck pancakes or braised short ribs are often paired with 128 Merlot for long-standing pleasure.